How to Choose Between Used Car Dealerships

How to Choose Between Used Car Dealerships

Shopping for a used car can be a whole lot of fun! You get to check out different models, see what features are must-have’s, and go for a few test drives. But choosing from all the used car dealerships trying to earn your business? That’s a whole other story.

In Springfield, MO, there are dozens of used car dealerships all vying to sell you a car. They all have a bunch of cars on the lot, ready to go. How are you supposed to make the decision? Which of these used car dealerships in Springfield is the best to choose? Here’s how you make the choice.

How to Select from the Used Car Dealerships in Springfield

Open Communication

When you email or call one of the used car dealerships, are you going to get answers to your questions? Perhaps you want to know more information about an online vehicle listing – will they tell you over the phone or make you come down in person?

The best used car dealerships won’t waste your time. You’ll get your answers when you ask questions.

An Inquiring Mind

Great used car dealerships in Springfield will go a step further. While answering your questions, they’ll also ask you clarifying questions to see if there might be a better way to help you. There could be a vehicle you haven’t discovered that would be even better than the one you’re asking about!

Honest and Transparent

There’s no hiding dents on a walkaround or ‘losing the keys’ to the car you want to test drive. A good used car dealer will give you a vehicle history report for the car you’re interested in, and they’ll tell you everything you want to know and more. Plus, they’ll walk you through the sales process, start to finish.

An Awesome Selection

Car, truck, or SUV, domestic or import. Fantastic used car dealerships have a wide selection of makes and models, and you might find a model that goes beyond your expectations.


In Springfield, Missouri, you’ll find all of these qualities at CarUp. Our team is here to make your car-buying experience flawless, start to finish. Give us a call or stop in to discover everything CarUp has to offer.

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